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Reproduction made simple!

Disc reproduction is about more than just making a bunch of copies. It's about understanding the vision of your project and conveying that image in way that is both high-quality and cost-effective. We understand the complexities of the industry and we know what it takes to get the most out of your budget. By allowing us to guide you through the process, we can take you from the start to the finish while avoiding the frustrations that many artists face. Find out for yourself why many of Eastern Oklahoma's musicians trust Mended Heart Music as their only source for all of their disc reproduction needs. Professional reproduction services with the highest quality at competitive prices…what more could you ask for?  Call us today for a custom quote!

Do you need graphics design services? We can help with that too!

We are honored to have worked for some of the area’s best-known and most-loved talents, including:

• Ben Scroggs

• Brandon Baumgarten

• Donnie “Sax” Sanders

• Folenius

• Forgiven Quartet

• The Harbingers

• Janice Ponds

• Joey Johnson

• Lineage Of David

• Master’s Voice

• New Revival

• The New Tulsans

• The Nix Family

• Sacred Call

• SGN Scoops

• Sherman Andrus

• Sound Decision

• Susan Hart

• The Tulsans Quartet

• Wanda Watson Band

• The Williamsons

...and many others!

A couple of them were kind enough to share about their experiences of working with us. Here’s what they said…

“I have used Kenny Mock for his duplication services for a few years now and he has made it very hard for me to look any place else. I use him for my own group’s product and I refer him to all our studio customers. His service has been unmatched by any other service I've ever used, hands down. While he may not always be to the penny "cheaper" than a few of the other duplicators, his prices are always competitive. I have no problem if I need to spend a few extra cents to get the quality service I receive from Mended Heart Music. In my humble, yet correct opinion, Kenny Mock and Mended Heart Music has no rival in this area.”

Donnie Williamson,

The Williamsons & Homestead Studio

"I have never worked with anyone as kind, efficient, professional or passionate as Kenny Mock."

Ricky Capps,

Master’s Voice & Paradise Entertainment

Packaging Options

The standard jewel case is still our most popular method of packaging.  It is classy, straight-forward, and economical, but we have other packaging options available.  We can package your discs in a variety of different plastic cases and custom-printed cardboards.  We also have some neat options for USB flash drives. Give us a call, and we can discuss your project’s specific needs.

Some of the packaging options we offer:

  • Standard Jewel Cases
  • Slimline Jewel Cases
  • Amaray DVD Cases
  • Multi-Disc Cases & Albums
  • Paper Sleeves
  • Cardboard Jackets
  • Digipacks & Eco-Wallets
  • Bulk Spindles

We feature turn-around times that meet or beat industry standards. If you have a tight deadline, let us know! With proper planning, we can make the near-impossible a reality.

New cars aren’t coming with a CD player.

Does that mean that CDs are going away?

How can I still sell my music?

Yes, there’s a strong chance that CDs are going away…eventually.  Digital distribution is certainly leaving it’s mark on the music industry.  As frustrating as it is for many, this seems to be the way that technology is evolving.  Even with this developing trend, we have found that the majority of people still prefer to receive a tangible product when they purchase music.  There are also PLENTY of people that don’t understand, utilize, or even like digital distribution methods.  That market still has money to spend at your product table, and they shouldn’t be turned away.  Thankfully, there are other solutions!

We are finding that an increasing number of artists are offering their projects on USB flash drives, which are an attractive (albeit more expensive) alternative to optical discs These drives plug directly into the radios on most newer vehicles, and are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.  Mended Heart Music can help you with USB drives as well.

CDs and DVDs are still the biggest “bang for the buck”.  But as technology changes, we are here to help you navigate.  Fortunately, with our ability to produce smaller quantities of discs, you don’t have to worry about storing hundreds or thousands of copies in your garage.

Professional vs. DIY:  The Top Reasons!

1. Professional looks better!

Your project is a representation of you. You don't want your potential buyers to get the wrong impression of your endeavors, based on the appearance of your CD or DVD. Our print resolutions range from 300 dpi to a superior 1440 dpi. Our clients are constantly getting compliments on the appearance of their projects.

2. Labels can get misaligned or come off!

Just like with vehicle tires, not having a disc’s weight properly balanced can cause pre-mature wear and tear on disc players and add expense.  Label adhesive breaks down with time and heat, and disc players generate heat. The last place you want a label to come off is inside of a player while it's spinning at 1,500 RPM. All of our discs are printed directly onto the face of the media, so there is no label to come off or get misaligned.

3. The cost for hiring a professional really is cheaper than doing it yourself!

Not all production equipment is made the same, and you certainly get what you pay for. Operation, up-keep, and maintenance can be overwhelming!  If you consider equipment costs, media expenses, and the time and expertise needed to get the best results, it really doesn’t make much sense to give yourself a headache by trying to save a few bucks on a few hundred copies.  Sure…you could compromise, but why do that to yourself? Our quality standards are high, and we have the proven experience to get the results that you deserve.

4. DIY takes a lot of time!

In the past few years, we have have manufactured in excess of 100,000 discs by hand. We know the process, and have solidified and streamlined the way we do it. We can easily produce 100 pieces in the same amount of time that DIYers complain of it taking to produce 15 or 20.

5. A second set of eyes!

There’s a lot of details that go into making a project become a reality. It is easy to overlook something, or have a size or measurement off. We review all of the graphics submitted to us for design accuracy. This can save some embarrassment. We take an interest in your project and want it to look as good as you want it to.

(A friend asked us to fix some equipment after a disc disintegrated inside her DIY copier.  After she pulled out the large pieces, we dumped this out of the drive.  Not a fun experience for her!)

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